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To Strengthen the Wi-Fi Internet Infrastructure, Security reasons requires the user fill-up the forms and its proper usage in the academic sectors of e-journal access, e-books references, according university sites, e-mails browsing & any type of study material access etc. It is hereby notified to all its' users that access to social networking sites, downloading of malicious contents, downloads relating to entertainment (Movies, Games, Songs, unauthorized sites etc.) in any form is banned herewith with immediate effect. Those Students & Staffs Gadget will exceed 250 Mb Download in a day (i.e. within 24 Hrs) that Gadget will denied to access internet through our campus Wi-Fi, After taking a permission from Principal sir that Gadget will have alive or facilitate to access internet through campus Wi-Fi. Further that, any violation of the above may lead for disciplinary action...!

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